look as sweet as you sound

A website at a price you can afford

This is your one-stop-shopping center for getting yourself online. Need photos for your site? No problem. I’ve photographed scores of solo performers, bands, and choirs—
click here to see a sampling my camera work. Need help with your bio? Well, as editor of the Victoria Folk Newsletter for the past six years, I can definitely say that writing these little puppies does tend to get easier after you’ve done your first couple hundred of them.

Whatever your budget, I’ll build you a site that’s got everything a performing artist needs, including audio and video players, a calendar for your tour dates, a sign-up form for your mailing list, and a store to sell your tickets and merchandise online. A site that won’t look like anybody else’s. A site that’s search-engine-optimized and linked to your social networks. A site that’s user-friendly on any screen, be it a desktop or laptop model, a tablet or a smartphone. A site that’s so pretty you’ll want to kiss it.

Check out some of my online creations

Here are a couple of websites I've crafted, aside from the one you’re currently visiting. I wrote every word, designed or edited every graphic, chose every color and layout pattern. Click on an image to visit the site.