look as sweet as you sound

Dramatic, attention-grabbing publicity shots

As a photographer I like to work in ambient and available light. I do have flashes and umbrellas, even a studio of sorts, but I seldom use them. Instead, I’ve invested in a set of large-aperture prime lenses, so I can paint with light and make stunning photographs in practically any venue, however dimly or weirdly illuminated.

On location at your live events or in the great outdoors

The backdrop can be the garage where your band practices, the studio where you’re recording your new album, the coffeehouse where you do your spoken-word performances, the theater where your latest play is running, or the landscape, seascape, cityscape where you confer with your muse. Whether your look is all glitz and glamour or all grit and grunge, I’ll deliver crisp, stylish images that get it down pat.

Ps. I also shoot weddings and other family events.