look as sweet as you sound

Photography and Web Design for the Performing Arts

Based in Victoria, British Columbia

Tempo Graphics is owned and operated by me, Peter Brunette. In one incarnation I’m a singer-songwriter and band leader, but in this one I do photo shoots and design websites. So if you’re a performing artist interested in raising your profile—whether you perform solo, play in a band, act in a troupe, or sing in a choir—I’ve got a pretty good idea where you’re coming from and where you want to go.

I also grasp that you don’t have a million bucks to get you there. As a fellow performer, I know it’s your passions that go deep—your pockets, not so much. I share those passions, and in order to free up time and energy to follow them I’ve learned how to do more with less. I may not own the most expensive equipment or software, but I’m pretty sure I can craft you a beautiful, user-friendly website or a portfolio of eye-catching publicity photos at a price you can afford.